Four Seasons American Beauty


Date of birth: 2003.07.02.

Colour: tricolour

Sex: female

Result: Breeding confirmation
Health: HC, PRA, RD, CEA: free

Own bred



Nagyszlk/Grand Parents



Rainbow Choco Apple Jack

Tell-Tail's Tri N Chase Me

Tell-Tail's Chastin'Sanborn Chili

Lurola's Clifton

Tell-Tail's Fudge Lfeathers Chilt

Tell-Tail's Pick-Me Up Bo-K

Sharob's Gold Standard

Regalia's Fire N'Feathers

Ezstvlgyi Pepito Ninocska

Easy Feeling De La Vigie

Homestead's Fletch

Shazam's Homestead's Vigie

Free Lance De La Vigie Vivien

Homestead's Easy Feelin

Play With Me De La Vigie

Zeta Zellien Darrem Canis "Zeti

Charles Dickens Millenium

Westway's St Louie Slugger

Rendition Triple Play

Glenmurray's Touch Of Magic

Giffels Careless Whisper

Charles Dickens Mad Max

Giffels Alm At Colours

Britannica Darrem Canis

Your Hardt's Son Of A Gun

Chess King's Mastermind

Your Hardt's First Tanja Girl

Delicia Danako

Baboons Black Teddy Bear

Tendance Unique V.D. Zwanekroost

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