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Hungarian CHAMPION, Hungarian Junior CHAMPION,

Junior Clubwinner 2001., 7xHPJ, Hungarian DerbyWinner 2001.

Best Young Male 2001., 3xRes.CAC, 13xCAC, CACIB, Best of Variety, 2xHFGY,

2xBOB, BOG, Res.BIS, Best Couple In Show with Gloria

Date of birth: 23.Aug.2000.

Colour: chocolate

Sex: male

Veterinary certificates: Clear Eyes

Breeder: Theresa L. Kaufmann Plishka, Leolynne's Kennel, CANADA

Owner: Four Seasons Kennel 

Teddy: 5:09 mp- 8:48 mp- 9:05 mp



Nagyszlk/Grand Parents



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