Int.CH. FI, Nord, HR, H, DK, SE, LT CH. SK, HU JCh. JWW '10 Layton Quote Me "Philippe"

Show Results

Junior World Winner '10.
World Dog Show '10. Best Of Breed

Finnish Champion
Nordic Champion
Danish Champion
Swedish Champion
Croatian Champion
Hungarian Champion
Slovakian Champion
Lithuanian Champion
Estonian Champion
Hungarian Junior Champion
Slovakian Junior Champion


Date of birth: 2009. 04. 05.

Colour: black

Sex: male

Health status: PRA/A, CEA, HC, RD: FREE

Breeder: Linda Volrikov

I would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU for Philippe's wonderfull breeder LINDA VOLARIKOVA! Linda, thank you for this superb little guy, for your professional grooming and handling work, and for your endless help and friendship...


phil junior club winner

phil junior bis saturday

quoteme_babis saturday

phil and linda on cacib bratislava sunday

Philippe-movement    Philippe Philippe-movement Philippe



Nagyszlk/Grand Parents



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