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Excellent 3rd, CAC

Date of birth: 28.Apr.2003.

Colour: black

Sex: female

Own bred

Owner: Four Seasons Kennel & Erika Toth



Nagyszlk/Grand Parents



Katchu's Mythical Creation "Ebony"

Katchu's Wallstreet

Starr's Stock And Trade

Victoria's Irish Dandy

Arow's Audition

Katchu's Ebony Gal Of Dyno's

Dyno's Darby O'Shay

Arluu's It's Crystal Clear

Katchu's Fantasy Vision

Milru's Sir Galahad

Glen Arden's Real McCoy

Milru's Lady Theodora

Brookwood De Berries

Homewood's Brownstone

Begays Valentina Hershey

Truly Yours Hot-N-Sassy "Sassy"

Dlenmuray's Dusty Miller

Glenmurray's Solid Black

Palm Hill's Caro-Bu's Solid Gold

Glenmurray's Highland Caper

Karga's Flashy Dancer

Doggone Newflash

Karga's Dance The Night Away

Dancassasr Limited Edition

Don Miguel Del Embrujo

Darkehaven Apple Of My Eye

Windkrift Dressed To Kill

April's Femme Fatale

Kimbar's Dance Performance

April's Red Rebel

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