Four Seasons Pretender Pendragon


2xCAC Jun., 2xBOB Jun., Junior BOG, 3xCAC
2006. Top American Cocker Male!


Date of birth: 04.02.2005.

Colour: black and tan

Sex: male

Breeder: Four Seasons Kennel

Owner: Four Seasons Kennel & Tímea Kulcsár



Nagyszlk/Grand Parents



Ch Leolynne's Teddy Four Seasons"Teddy"

Ch Apollo Nutcracer Fantasy

ChBleumoons Just One Time

ChBleumoon's Hershel

ChSan Jo's Encore

ChBrookwood Apollos Terra Maia

ChM'Ritz Dancin In The Dark

ChBeGay's Valentine Hershey

ChLeolynnes Snicker at the Top

ChApollos Rescue Ranger

ChApollo's Kalidescope Spectrum

ChApollo's Mercede Bittersweet

ChLeolynne Classiqe Empress

ChDesign's Cedar And Snow

ChDesign's Peaches

Truly Yours Special-Delivery "Ninette"

ChTruly Yours Real Brown

ChKaliopes Bleumoon Hocus Pocus

ChBluemoon's Master Of Illusions

ChSanibel's Sunstroke

ChTruly Yours Sexy Brown Girl

ChTruly Yours Belive-It-Or-Not

ChEvelyn Z Novemo Parku

ChTruly YoursMocha-Magic

ChKaliopes Bleumoon Hocus Pocus

ChBleumoons Master of Illusions

ChSanibels Sunstroke

ChTruly YoursSpecial Surprise

ChColemans Magnificat

ChTruly Yours Special Reserve


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