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My name is Orsolya Vig, I am the owner of the Kennel Four Seasons Hunique. I am member of the FCI MEOE (Hungarian Kennel Club) since 1986, when we started to breed and show dogs with my parents. In the past we bred and showed some different breed, like a family passion.

In 1994, when we bought our first American Cocker with my husband for his little daughter, something special and serious lifekind started. I found MY BREED. And the life confirmed it, because we had and have really nice results and successes with them in the past years. We work from the best European and American bloodlines, and always try to do our best to breed for the three basic attributes: the beauty, the health and the good temperament.

In 2005 a totally new member joined to our family, a Chihuahua. It was a „love at first sight” for my whole family when we met two chihuahuas at one of my friends place. We try to breed them too with our best knowledge and biggest love, and we hope more and more nice results in the future.

We do not plan to have more breeds, because these two make our life round, whole and happy.

I am a licensed dog groomer and FCI showring assistant too. I achieved to be an FCI judge of American Cocker Spaniel breed in 2011. My aim is to learn and passed more breed as a judge.

It is always a pleasure for us to keep contact with our puppy owners, and help them, and build friendships all around the World.:)

Gold-Silver-Bronze Masterbreeder plaketts

FCI American Cocker Spaniel Judge Diploma

FCI ring assistant certificate & Dog groomer certificate

Golden rooped Masterbreeder certificate

1988: Me and Our first 2 rough collie litters..

Me and my husband imported our first really show quality american cocker bitch from Canada:

CH. Ramah's Glorious Four Seasons, and we established a new kennel,

under the name: FOUR SEASONS

My family....No comment:-))


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